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This is a CD containing an accurate account of Radio Caroline between 1976 and 1978 through to January 1979 and the near sinkage of the Mi Amigo. From an original reel to reel tape that was recorded by myself most records edited. Ronan O'Rahilly talks about Loving Awareness, plenty of jingles, an advert for the Loving Awareness LP. Side 2 Radio Caroline on 319m in 1978. The English Service begins 6.30 PM taking over from the Dutch service which was called Radio Mi Amigo. Listen to the Radio Caroline T Shirt advert, plus various Caroline Roadshow Adverts plus an ad for Offshore Radio In Europe LP. Also a snippet of the Dutch Service of Caroline with Mi Amigo Radio. Featuring DJs Johnathan Day, Kenny James, Steve Gordon, Stuart Russell, and Stuart Foster. Caroline was off the air for 2 days but retuned on Friday 28th July 1978 with increased power hear the opening transmission followed by the Radio Caroline theme tune. By the end of October Caroline was off the air because the generators failed. Then tragedy struck, the Mi Amigo nearly sank, listen to the news from Capital Radio 194 and BBC Television plus ILR stations. Hear the report from the Harwich Coastguard. Followed by an explanation of the near sinkage and a brief history of the station. The late Tommy Vance once said " Radio Caroline has freedom ,its ahead of its time, totally contemporary,  no Government restrictions, it has freedom, and that's something very magical that you cannot package or sell ".A truly brilliant CD charting Radio Carolines hectic history.


Here's a nice CD recorded on Xmas Day 1967. Its 9am and here's the Robbie Dale Show. Featuring, the really old Jelly Tots advert, Bulova Watch advert, and the famous Nylon Stocking advert. With the Supremes, Bing Crosby, The Batchelors, Sounds Orchestral, Swinging Blue Jeans , Frank Sinatra, Georgie Fame, The Beatles, The Four Tops, and The Ronnettes. Plenty of Radio Caroline jingles. Also the second engineer Rocky Voonar sends a message to his family wishing them a happy Christmas. It was good reception that day so the quality is not too bad for an AM Broadcast. At the end of the CD there is a speech by the owner of the station Ronan O'Rahilly. Can you believe that at that time 25 million people were listening to Radio Caroline. This is a great CD remembering a Christmas long forgotten. Taken from an original reel to reel tape. Its a real memory jerker, what were you doing in 1966?


Recorded well over 40 years in the life of Radio Caroline here's an interesting CD taken from an original reel to reel tape of all the bad bits Caroline went through since she began broadcasting on Easter Sunday 1964. Listen to what the station had to go through in her turbulent days in the North Sea ON and OFF the air. In the early days not long after she began broadcasting in 1964 a Dutch Naval Frigate took an interest into this mysterious vessel with her enormous mast sticking out from her hull. Hear about a fight on deck aboard the Mi Amigo followed by an explanation from Ronan O'Rahilly, owner of the station. Listen to a motor launch rescue and hear Radio Caroline telling listeners to urgently call the Harwich Coastguard. Also a May Day broadcast asking help from Radio North Sea International and Radio Veronica which were anchored a few miles away from each other. Then an anchor breakage occurs the ship starts to drift onto a sandbank Radio Caroline asks for help and contacts the Harwich Coastguard urgently wanting to know her position because the Mi Amigo has no radar, then another anchor breaks and the station has to go off the air because she is drifting into Territorial Waters, the coastguard relays several messages telling the Captain of the vessels position. TV and Radio Stations across the country capture the moment listen to their reports. Also a raid takes place, a mutiny occurs Radio Caroline goes off the air, National Radio covers the story. Then in March 1980 the real nail in the coffin, the Mi Amigo sinks. Hear the dramatic stories from the DJs on board just before the ship goes down also listen to the vast media coverage from TV and Radio Stations .The late Tommy Vance once said " Radio Caroline has freedom, its ahead of its time, totally contemporary, no Government restrictions, it has freedom and that's something very magical that you cannot package or sell ". A remarkable CD packed with all the tragedies Radio Caroline has gone through over the years all on one CD. Its a real memory jerker.


This CD was recorded in 1988 and follows the return of Radio Caroline from the MV Imagine, followed by a transmission from Capital Gold 1548am celebrating 21 years since the Marine Broadcasting Offences Bill became law. Tony Blackburn talks to a guy in Clacton who remembers the pirate era, also featuring Radio London's weather with Kenny Everett, and various jingles.

Find out how Radio London broadcast the news and where they received their information from. Listen to the Richmond cigarette advert and the famous Paul Kaye reading the news in 1 minute flat!!! Also included is a recording of Radio Caroline on 15th August 1967 going into illegality at midnight with a programme with Johnnie Walker and Robbie Dale. Finishing off with Kenny Everett being his usual daft self, chatting to people about pirate radio days then finally returning to Radio Caroline.


Here's a recording of Radio Caroline broadcasting from the MV Mi Amigo anchored 6 miles off the Dutch coast. The station ceased its test transmissions as it was Christmas Day 1974. Andy Archer opens the programmes wishing everyone a Happy Christmas followed by a Caroline jingle, they even send their greetings to Radio North Sea International and Radio Veronica!!! Peter Chicago sends his best wishes to all his family and during the programme they manage to down 2 bottles of champagne!!! This is followed by the Graham Kaye Show. Andy Archer chats to people on board the MV Fortuna which drew alongside, on board were members of the Dutch Free Radio Campaign and they all have a chat which is broadcast live. This is then followed by a short recording of Leon Russell on Radio Mi Amigo followed by Tony Allan on Radio Caroline. Listen to a Radio Caroline shut down at 2am in the morning!!! Hear what happened when the station started drifting towards British Territorial Waters. Then tragedy!!!  A Dutch Naval Destroyer the D814 drew near the Mi Amigo with a small launch which boarded the station and a fight begins on deck, Radio Caroline sends urgent messages out to the English Coastguard because they realise the Mi Amigo had broken her anchor chain. DJs ask listeners to phone their head office in The Hague, but the station drifts towards a sandbank, hear the dramatic incident taking place live on air!!! Then the Dutch Customs Officials board the station hear the dramatic conversation which eventually ended with Radio Caroline having to close down, Radio Caroline was silenced once again. This recording is then followed with a rare recording of Graham Gills Theme Tune, Way Back Home. More test transmissions follow in Dutch and English. Commercials on this CD are K-TEL remember them and The Caroline Club? Listen to the beginning of Radio Seagul with Leon Russell, followed by another visit this time from the MV Morgan Star which drew alongside the Mi Amigo. The famous Toad Story is on here too. Mixed with a few Caroline jingles for good measure this CD is definitely a collectors item, with some rare recordings From the good ship Mi Amigo . The late Tommy Vance once said " Radio Caroline has freedom, its totally contemporary, no Government restrictions, it has freedom and that's something very magical that you cannot package or sell ".


On 24th April 1977 Janet Street Porter sets out from Ramsgate in Kent to visit the Mi Amigo, home of Radio Caroline for 13 years, the station in theory should not exist!!!! She gives a brief history of all the offshore stations that appeared around the UK coast in the 1960s, but why is Caroline still on the air and sandwiched between LBC and Radio 4 broadcasting on 319m? How has she survived when all the other pirates have closed down? Listen to Radio Carolines very first broadcast with the late Simon Dee opening the station on Easter Sunday 1964. Janet then goes on to interview Ronan O'Rahilly owner of the station and he explains how Caroline started and why, he also explains why the station had to be on a ship. Hear a recording of Mike Lennox on Radio London or Big L as it was known. Listen to MPs views on the offshore pirates and why they will be closed down. Hear the late Tommy Vance commenting on the offshore stations and their laid back approach. The Marine Offences Bill then becomes law on 15th August 1967 and all the other pirates closed down but Caroline continued. Listen to Radio Caroline going into illegality on that fateful night. Caroline continued until March 1968 when she was towed to Holland owing huge debts. Janet speaks to Sir John Foster former MP and an expert on International law who explains the offshore debate and why Caroline is still on the air. Janet eventually draws alongside the MV Mi Amigo home of Radio Caroline, she was not allowed on board owing to the Marine Offences Bill but chats to the DJs on board through a loud hayler!!! John Foster explains its not illegal to listen to the station but it is illegal to wear a Radio Caroline t-shirt promoting the station!! The late Tommy Vance once said " Radio Caroline has freedom, its ahead of its time, totally contemporary, no Government restrictions, it has freedom and that's something very magical that you cant package or sell." A really informative CD and solid gold nostalgia.


Here's a CD celebrating Radio Caroline's 1st birthday including some very old original jingles. With all the popstars of the era wishing the station a happy future, included is the first female voice heard on the station. With Cliff Richard, The Shadows, The Four Pennies, Eden Kayne, Bobby Vee, Dusty Springfield, Peter & Gordon, Donavon, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, The Honeycombes etc, the list goes on, all wishing Radio Caroline a very happy 1st birthday. The quality of this CD is good remembering this recording is over 40 years old. The late Tommy Vance once said " Radio Caroline has freedom, its totally contemporary, no Government restrictions, it has freedom and that's something very magical that you cannot package or sell ". A rare recording these days and hard to obtain , this is one for the avid collector.


A brilliant good quality CD charting the history of the most famous offshore station of all time........ Radio Caroline. From its early days in 1964, through the 70s and 80s. On this CD you'll hear the full version of "We Love The Pirate Stations" by The Roaring 60s. Listen to how some of the DJs on board were summoned to appear at Southend Magistrates Court, they pleaded "not guilty ". Hear what happened to them, were they prosecuted or did they get away with it? This great CD is mixed with some Radio Caroline jingles that we all grew to love. Do you remember Chistlehurst Caves? Featuring DJs James Ross, Steve Kent, Johnnie Jason, Mark Lawrence and Stevie Gordon. Hear some very amusing stories of what happened on board, some of which were very dangerous!!! Mark Lawrence then explains what happened when the ships anchor chain broke. Stevie Gordon talks about the tragic event when the ship actually sank in March 1980!! The station then eventually returned on Easter Sunday 1979 exactly 15 years since she began her long broadcasting career. Johnnie Walker, (a legend of the station) comments on Radio Caroline's remarkable achievements in its chequered history. Listen to "Peace" by Peter in full. Followed by some final comments from Ronan O'Rahilly owner of the station. The late Tommy Vance once said "Radio Caroline has freedom, its totally contemporary, no Government restrictions, its has freedom and that's something very magical that you cannot package or sell, ". A great quality CD telling the story of Radio Caroline from 1964 until its demise. Those were the days!!


Here's a very rare interview with Ronan O'Rahilly owner of Radio Caroline from BBC Radio London recorded many moons ago where he talks about his radio days on Caroline, his film making, his views on Harold Wilson, the Government and radio restriction on airplay time. On side 2 we have a mysterious recording from Radio 420 and a rather odd episode of Capital Radio 194 first mistake on their very  first day of transmission. A news snippet announcing the opening of the station. Also a recording of Radio North Sea International anchored off Clacton in 1970 contacting cars on the seafront flashing their headlights and making contact with the station something that Johnnie Walker did on Radio Caroline. Plus a recording of an inland pirate station Radio Albatross and North London Radio. A bit of a mix of recordings but non the less an interesting CD lasting 45 minutes.


The Radio Caroline Story. The 270 ton vessel was built in Germany in 1921, throughout her life as a coaster she transported wood to ports all over Europe until 1961 when she changed her name and she changed her job. She was registered the MV Bon Jour and her job was to operate as a offshore radio station. Radio Nord operated off the coast of Sweden from 1961 until May 1962 when the Swedish Government imposed a ban on offshore stations. The Bon Jour was to reappear as a radio ship some 2 years later. The ship sails to America . Alan Crawford a businessman was looking for a ship for his Radio Atlanta project, he purchased the Bon Jour and sailed to the UK. Eventually talks with Ronan O'Rahilly owner of Radio Caroline a merger was arranged and Radio Caroline North sailed to the Isle of Man and Radio Caroline South moored of Clacton in Essex. Included on this CD is the famous Keefers Commotion, Caroline Cash Casino featuring the late Daffy Don Alan. Both ships were very profitable attracting many advertisers they both continued until the British Government passed a bill banning offshore station off our coast. Listen to an interview with Robbie Dale on BBC Radio a week before this bill becomes law. The Marine Offences Bill came into effect on 15th August 1967 at midnight , all other pirate stations closed Caroline continued until March 1968 owing to unpaid bills and was towed to Amsterdam , Andy Archer takes up the story of what happened that fateful day when the station closed. For more than 5 years both ships Radio Caroline North and South were plundered by visitors and all valuable transmitting equipment was removed. It seemed impossible that the ships would return to broadcasting from the high seas. However just before the summer of 1972 the Mi Amigo was brought to Zamdam , the vessel was painted and repairs carried out. Find out how Radio Caroline returned and how they convinced the authorities with a huge lie . The Mi Amigo sailed out of Zamdam and returned, hear the test transmissions of her return. Also included on this brilliant CD is a short interview with Ronan O'Rahilly owner of Caroline from Dutch Television. This is an in depth documentary in the life of Radio Caroline and her chequered history as a radio ship. The late Tommy Vance once said " Radio Caroline has freedom, its ahead of its time, totally contemporary, no Government restrictions, it has freedom and that's something very magical that you cannot package or sell ". Footnote; The Mi Amigo sank after running aground on 20th March 1980, the mast was visible until July 1986. Later destroyed as a shipping hazard.


Ronan O'Rahilly, founder and owner of Radio Caroline explains how and why Radio Caroline was born. All we had before Radio Caroline was the BBC Home Service, playing endless band music, The Third Programme etc, and Radio Luxembourg which crackled and faded. Ronan explains where the name Radio Caroline came from.


On this DVD you see both Caroline and Atlanta ships being fitted out in Greenore, Ireland. The main investors along with Ronan O'Rahilly were, Ian Ross, Jocelyn Stevens, Chris Moore and Alan Crawford. All is explained how the 2 ships began their new lives as radio ships. Curious people in the town where told that the ships with the 2 huge masts where sponge seeking vessels, they had to keep the real reason a secret. Both ships ended up off the Essex coast outside territorial waters where the Government of the day couldn't touch them.

Roy Mason MP, has his say about these radio ships and argues the fact that they should be outlawed which is backed up by Tony Benn MP.

Within a few weeks Atlanta sailed to the Isle of Man and Caroline stayed anchored off Clacton, both broadcast on the same frequency which then covered most of the UK, almost making it a national radio station. Advertising revenue was building up via major companies and the money started pouring in!

We take a quick tour of Radio Caroline's head office, 6 Chesterfield Gardens, London. Tony Blackburn tells how he obtained his job on Radio Caroline along with early colour film of original DJs, the late Simon Dee, Emperor Rosko, and Robbie Dale.

You see various clips of film of Radio Caroline, and some of the other offshore stations like Radio London, Radio 390, and Radio Scotland. The race was on, other stations emerged, however some were not on ships but were on other sea structures like the old army defence forts in the Thames estuary originally owned by The Ministry Of Defence who were not interested in these structures any more. Most, if not all these pirate stations were sucessful, with thousands of listeners tuning in every day, audiences were being built up. There was nothing the BBC or the Government could do to stop the explosion and impact these pirates had.

But  by early 1967 the British Government decided to outlaw these pirates. The Marine Broadcasting Offences Bill had been passed by Parliament, and on August 15th 1967 all the other stations closed, Caroline continued, hear her as she goes through illegality still broadcasting after that date. By March 1968 the MV Mi Amigo was towed to Holland in lieu of unpaid bills. The Government of the day decided enough was enough, this couldn't carry on , we could eventually have an armada of radio ships around our coast. September 1967 BBC Radio 1 began broadcasting with former Caroline DJ Tony Blackburn in the hot seat spinning the latest discs (in glorious black and white film.)

In early 1973 Radio Caroline returns to the airwaves under the guise of being an offshore radio museum and continued until March 1980 when the vessel sank in a storm. All this on this remarkable DVD.

August 19th 1983 Radio Caroline emerges once again on a new ship, a former Grimsby fishing trawler, Ross Revenge. On the 19th August 1989, Radio Caroline was eventually silenced by the Dutch authorities.

The DVD combines glorious footage in black & white and colour, profiling the history of offshore radio in this country and is an absolute MUST for pirate radio enthusiasts. The late Tommy Vance DJ; once said " Radio Caroline has freedom, its ahead of its time, totally contemporary, no Government restrictions, it has freedom and that's something very magical that you cannot package or sell." Summer 2006 Sky Television finally puts Radio Caroline on its own frequency listing, Sky Channel 0199. But no one can ever forget the stations pioneering days of the 60s,70s, 80s, and 90s. A true legend in offshore broadcasting history. This DVD is defiantly one for the avid collector.

Approximate running time: 605mins

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