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Recorded well over 40 years in the life of Radio Caroline here's an interesting CD of all the bad bits Caroline went through since she began broadcasting on Easter Sunday 1964. Listen to what the station had to go through in her turbulent days in the North Sea ON and OFF the air. In the early days not long after she began broadcasting in 1964 a Dutch Naval Frigate took an interest into this mysterious vessel with her enormous mast sticking out from her hull. Hear about a fight on deck aboard the Mi Amigo followed by an explanation from Ronan O'Rahilly, owner of the station. Listen to a motor launch rescue and hear Radio Caroline telling listeners to urgently call the Harwich Coastgaurd. Also a May Day broadcast asking help from Radio North Sea International and Radio Veronica which were anchored a few miles away from each other. Then an anchor breakage occurs the ship starts to drift onto a sandbank Radio Caroline asks for help and contacts the Harwich Coastgaurd urgently wanting to know her position because the Mi Amigo has no radar, then another anchor breaks and the station has to go off the air because she is drifting into International Waters, the coastgaurd relays several messages telling the Captain of the vessels position. TV and Radio Stations across the country capture the moment listen to their reports. Also a raid takes place, a mutiny occurs Radio Caroline goes off the air, National Radio covers the story. Then in March 1980 the real nail in the coffin, the Mi Amigo sinks. Hear the dramatic stories from the DJs on board just before the ship goes down also listen to the vast media coverage from TV and Radio Stations. A remarkable CD packed with all the tragedies Radio Caroline has gone through over the years all on one CD.


Easter Sunday 1964and Radio Caroline starts broadcasting, like a bolt from the blue the people in the UK were not expecting anything like this, youngsters used to listen to a fading Radio Luxembourg. Anchored off the coast of Felixstowe from the MV Mi Amigo she was an inspiration to anyone who was over the age of 10!!!! Tony Blackburn chats about how he obtained a job on the station and Keith Skues remembers the happy and sad times on board. Tony then explains the race to be the first offshore station afloat beating its rival at the time Radio Atlanta which was being fitted out at the same port. After some negotiations eventually the Mi Amigo anchored off Felixstowe and became Radio Caroline South the other ship became Radio Caroline North and anchored off the Isle of Man therefore covering most of the UK. Listen to two newscasts one when Radio Caroline South ended up on Frinton Beach when she ran aground not long after the council banned transistor radio from the beach, weeks later they had their own radio station on the beach. Listen to what happened on May 6th 1964 when HM vessel Ventura moored near Caroline and asked to see their bonded stores. Commercials on this CD include Caroline Club and do you remember Caroline Cash Casino? By 1967 the Government introduced the Marine Offences Bill which was to become law on 15th August of that year. On that date all the other pirate stations closed down but Caroline continued. Listen to the actual broadcast of Radio Caroline going into illegality on midnight on that date. Johnnie Walker explains how he Robbie Dale and a newsreader continued with the station. How could they run a station with only three people on board? Hear in full Johnnie Walkers lament about his vision of Radio Caroline sailing up the River Thames and broadcasting from London!!! But by March 1968 the two radio ships were towed to Holland due to huge debts. They lay rusting and vandalised for 4 years. In 1972 the two ships went to auction the north ship went to the breakers yard, the south ship Mi Amigo was purchased by a Dutch free radio fan and announced the vessel was to be fitted out as a radio museum!! One night the anchor was raised and the Mi Amigo went out to sea. Despite being in a bad state of repair she made it and anchored off the coast of Holland and in September 1972 test transmissions were made listen to Radio Caroline returning. The Dutch version of the Marine Offences Bill  was passed in 1974 and  even Radio Veronica had to close the much loved Dutch pirate which started in 1960!! Caroline was alone again, she resumed transmissions were she belonged off the UK coast, serviced from Spain to get around the law it was a difficult time. B y October 1978 with the transmitter silent the Mi Amigo held out in the North Sea in the middle of a bad winter. Caroline eventually returned to the air by Easter 1979. Then on the 19th March 1980 the Mi Amigo began to sink, listen to the last dramatic broadcast from the DJs aboard, a lifeboat was standing by it was a very hairy moment but they all got off safely, even the ships canary Wilson was saved!! The following day the 20th the Mi Amigo sank in a howling gale. This is a truly remarkable CD which tells the story of Radio Caroline. She put up with mutinies, generator breakdowns, masts snapping and various Governments that tried to get rid of her, but eventually the sea claimed her in the end. This is certainly a recording for the avid collector which covers 15 years in the life of the most famous offshore station of all time ...........................Radio Caroline.


Here's a CD celebrating Radio Caroline's 1st birthday including some very old original jingles. With all the popstars of the era wishing the station a happy future, included is the first female voice heard on the station. With Cliff Richard, The Shadows, The Four Pennies, Eden Kayne, Bobby Vee, Dusty Springfield, Peter & Gordon, Donavon, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, The Honeycombes etc, the list goes on, all wishing Radio Caroline a very happy 1st birthday. The quality of this CD is good remembering this is over 40 years old.


A brilliant good quality CD charting the history of the most famous offshore station of all time........ Radio Caroline. From its early days in 1964, through the 70s and 80s. On this CD you'll hear the full version of  "We Love The Pirate Stations" by The Roaring 60s. Listen to how some of the DJs on board were summoned to appear at Southend Magistrates Court, they pleaded "not guilty ". Hear what happened to them, were they prosecuted or did they get away with it? This great CD is mixed with some Radio Caroline jingles that we all grew to love. Do you remember Chistlehurst Caves? Featuring DJs James Ross, Steve Kent, Johnnie Jason, Mark Lawrence and Stevie Gordon. Hear some very amusing stories of what happened on board, some of which were very dangerous!!! Mark Lawrence then explains what happened when the ships anchor chain broke. Stevie Gordon talks about the tragic event when the ship actually sank in March 1980!! The station then eventually returned on Easter Sunday 1979 exactly 15 years since she began her long broadcasting career. Johnnie Walker, (a legend of the station) comments on Radio Caroline's remarkable achievements in its chequered history. Listen to "Peace" by Peter in full. Followed by some final comments from Ronan O'Rahilly owner of the station. A great quality CD telling the story of Radio Caroline from 1964 until its demise. Those were the days!!


The Radio Caroline Story. The 270 ton Mi Amigo was built in Germany in 1921, throughout her life as a coaster she transported wood to ports all over Europe until 1961 when she changed her name and she changed her job. The Mi Amigo was now the Bon Jour and her job was to operate as a offshore radio station. Radio Nord operated off the coast of Sweden from 1961 until May 1962 when the Swedish Government imposed a ban on offshore stations. The Bon Jour was to reappear as a radio ship some 2 years later. The ship sails to America . Alan Crawford a businessman was looking for a ship for his Radio Atlanta project, he purchased the Bon Jour and sailed to the UK. Eventually  talks with Ronan O'Rahilly owner of Radio Caroline a merger was arranged and Radio Caroline North sailed to the Isle of Man and Radio Caroline South moored of Clacton in Essex. Included on this CD is the famous Keefers Commotion, Caroline Cash Casino featuring the late Daffy Don Alan. Both ships were very profitable attracting many advertisers they both continued until the British Government passed a bill banning offshore station off our coast. Listen to an interview with Robbie Dale on BBC Radio a week before this bill becomes law. The Marine Offences Bill came into effect on 15th August 1967 at midnight , all other pirate stations closed Caroline continued until March 1968 owing to unpaid bills and was towed to Amsterdam , Andy Archer takes up the story of what happened that  fatefull day when the station closed . For more than 5 years both ships Radio Caroline North and South were plundered by visitors and all valuable transmitting equipment was removed. It seemed impossible that the ships would return to broadcasting from the high seas. However just before the summer of 1972 the Mi Amigo was brought to Zamdam , the vessell was painted and repairs carried out. Find out how Radio Caroline returned and how they convinced the authorities with a huge lie . The Mi Amigo sailed out of Zamdam and returned, hear the test transmissions of her return. Also included on this brilliant CD is a short interview with Ronan O'Rahilly owner of Caroline from Dutch Television. This is an in depth documentary in the life of Radio Caroline and her chequered history as a radio ship.

All of these recordings are of good/excellent quality considering they are 40 years old.

This comes as 5 separate CD's of varying length.

Approximate running time: 275mins

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